Careless communications and why Facebook is ruining America

In the age of easy-access-to-information-and-communication, everyone has a perfect platform for sharing thoughts with others, Online communication often cannot be blocked or repelled before reading/thirty-minute-response-writing.

The latter is what really bothers me. I realize most people are not interested in my opinions. That’s why I have a blog: so that people who are interested in the workings of my mind can explore my thoughts.

If someone approaches me on the street and wants to talk about something controversial, I have options. I can walk away. Tout my own dogma until they go away. Same with phone-calls: I can ignore calls, delete voicemails.

Email and facebook, however, are inherently intrusive. I cannot keep you from sending me an email. I have to read it to figure out the content, and because there are no social cues in email, I don’t know if you’re about to recount an important story or start spouting evidence that Jesus has been reborn as a network of mushrooms.

This constant, thoughtless intrusion has started to bother me. I miss the days of intimate phone calls and hand-written letters. Now I write ten text messages (likely with a sad lack of capitalization and correct grammar) in a row to have dinner with a friend and I receive 50 thoughtless emails a day, not including spam. You made a mistake in your email? No problem, shoot me another one 15 seconds later to correct it.

If we took the time to think about our communications with people, including strangers, the world would be a happier place.


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