Anxiety Girl to the Rescue!

Let’s take a moment to honor the anxious people in our lives.

When we consider the entire species, all traits (even the obnoxious ones) can be seen as adaptive for the species in some way. Anxious people are sensitive, perceptive, and generally realistic about the world. Yes, we are difficult to deal with, but we are valuable members of society, too.

I am a highly-functioning anxious person.

I AM the 18.1%!


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One response to “Anxiety Girl to the Rescue!

  1. Adam Hedrick

    This is certainly the case, and the evolutionary advantages are not limited to humans. If you watch the Planet Earth series it is always the most anxious water bison who first notices the pride of lions creeping through the bush. When it goes into full on panic mode it’s the blissfully ignorant meathead chugging at the waters edge that ends up in a high speed chase. I’m fairly certain that Darwin would back you up on this one.

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